When redundancy is critical, our PCD3.M6880 delivers.

They're designed for when reliability isn't a nice to have. It's a must have. In the event of an error, their two processors, CPU0 and CPU1, switch from active to standby CPU. No interruptions.
Reasons to choose the PCD3.M6880 (+/-)
  • PCD3 Standby processor unit with 2 Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Co-processor for Standby operation
  • Web and FTP server, file system
  • CPU with 2 MByte user program
  • 1 MByte SRam extension memory
  • 128 MByte user Flash memory with file system
  • USB port for PG5, up to 1024 I/O, 2 interrupt inputs
  • RS-485 for Profi-S-Net/MPI/S-Bus
  • Data protection 1-3 years