Easy integration into existing IT and expansion in the future.

Since our devices are open, they work seamlessly with your present infrastructure, and easily adapt to future hardware or software changes. Automation is achieved with technology used throughout the world.

Cybersecurity starts at the control level, but it doesn't end there.

Our products feature advanced security technology. But we also offer the latest future-proof generation of cryptographically secure controllers.

Our quality products lead a long, profitable life.

Our products are designed for life cycles of 20 years or more. In the phasing-out stage, switch to the program-compatible successor generation.

Modular expandability provides a high level of flexibility.

Now it's easy to address individual function requirements and future developments, like changes to the IT environment or automation needs.

There's an SBC product to meet every control challenge.

Our portfolio has controllers and web HMI for operation and visualization on the management level to consumption data capture and field devices such as sensors, drives, valves and frequency converters.

When lean automation is needed, our stations are ready.

From the measuring, regulating and control devices in the three Saia PCD series to the compact Saia PCD1.E-Line, your lean automation needs are met.

The idea behind Web HMI-- it's easier to track it when you can see it.

Get everything you need to visualise, and keep track of, your system – from programmable and non-programmable panels to Windows-based systems.

Consumption data capture gives valuable insights into efficiency.

Whether it's electricity, water, gas or heating, our Saia PCD Supervisor extensively analyses system efficiency to help optimise resources.

Components to make your automation system complete.

From field devices such as sensors and drives to Ethernet switches and isolating amplifiers, we have a wide range of automation accessories.