Maximize infrastructure expansion while minimizing costs.

Infrastructures are constantly subject to change. But SBC technology can be reprogrammed and expanded quickly and cost effectively. So you can react to changes with speed and agility.

A tunnel infrastructure needs to be safe and future-proof.

We can help coordinate key functions -- signaling, ventilation, communication and lighting. And give you the flexibility to react to change.

As traffic increases, so does the need for a safe and flexible infrastructure.

With our open control systems, you can modernize your infrastructure and adapt it to present and future needs, regardless of current protocols.

Produce and distribute energy reliably and cost-effectively.

Our automation experience can help ensure a secure and reliable operation in which availability is maximized and costly downtime is minimized.

Control how much energy is needed for district heating and cooling, and where it's needed.

Our Saia PCD technology is an end-to-end automation solution that allows variable energy demand to be controlled from a central point.

A system that can supply water now and growth in the future.

Whether it's controlling one valve, or automating water supply for a community, our systems do it reliably, and can expand along with your needs.

With remote control and access, distance is no longer an obstacle.

Even if a system is made up of multiple stations spread across a wide area, our products let you check functionality quickly and inexpensively.

Keep classrooms comfortable when they're occupied and save money when they're not.

Since schools operate normally 26% of the time,* intelligent automation can optimize temperature, humidity and fresh air only when it's necessary.