Impress your passengers with innovative and proven technology.

Our smart systems let your passengers enjoy a unique cabin experience and the ultimate in comfort. Meanwhile, you can optimise your hospitality management processes and realise significant energy savings.

The many benefits of an end-to-end cabin automation solution.

A first-class passenger experience

Cabin controllers manage HVAC, lighting and blinds. IT and infotainment systems combined with lighting and A/V create a unique cabin atmosphere.

  • Intuitive control via tablet or smartphone app
  • Unlimited options for cabin atmosphere
  • Cabin pre-setting to passenger's personal preferences

Optimise for a feel-good atmosphere

Heating, cooling, fresh air, lighting and shading can be preset to adapt the cabin to individual comfort needs, putting passengers in control.

  • Pleasant cabin conditions create maximum comfort
  • Cabin environment customized to the passenger
  • Intuitive and extremely easy to operate

More efficient hospitality management processes

With a door locking system and sensors, the system can detect whether a passenger or staff is present and adjust the cabin parameters accordingly.

  • Cabin automation embedded in hospitality management
  • Easy cabin maintenance and outsourcing
  • One box with all modules required for cabin automation

Maximum energy savings

If a cabin is vacant, temperature is moved to an energy-saving setting and all electrical appliances are turned off, for minimum energy usage.

  • Fully automatic, needs-based cabin automation
  • Energy-saving modes account for weather
  • Virtual energy measurement creates consumption transparency

Connected automation with open interfaces

With our cabin automation, communication between all disciplines involved is managed with a range of protocols, reducing energy and operating costs.

  • Connection with HVAC, lighting and shading
  • Web and IT integration are standard
  • Lighting control via DALI
  • Controls certified for sailing trips

Complete hospitality management solution

Our system acts as a central software platform for visualisation, monitoring and reporting. With modularity, requirements and expansion needs are met.

  • Solutions for all aspects of hospitality automation
  • Compatible with all networks
  • Scalable for individual customisation and expandability

Digitalisation leads passenger experience into the future.

Cabins can be pre-set to the preferences of returning guests. From their smartphones, guests can control a cabin's hospitality systems.

  • Comprehensive digitalisation of hospitality systems
  • Use of data for optimising cruise line processes
  • Customised guest information and offers