Inspire your guests with innovative and proven technology.

Our intelligent hotel solutions allow your guests to enjoy a memorable room experience and the highest level of comfort, while you optimise your processes and save significant amounts of energy.

The many benefits of an end-to-end cabin automation solution.

A perfect guest experience with the wow effect

Linking room control to IT and infotainment systems creates a mood. Combined with lighting, temperature and A/V, room atmospheres magically change.

  • Intuitive operation via tablet or smartphone app
  • Room moods (relax, business etc.) and wake-up calls
  • Room pre-setting to the guest's preferences

Comfort optimised for guests creates a feel-good atmosphere.

Our needs-based automation puts the guest in total control. It knows when and how rooms are being used and adjusts comfort levels to match.

  • Pleasant room conditions for maximum comfort
  • Room conditions adapt to a guest's individual needs
  • Ease of operation with guests in full control

Optimised hotel management processes

Using a door locking system and room sensors, our system can detect whether a guest, maid or worker is present and adjust the room parameters accordingly.

  • Room automation embedded in hotel management
  • Simplified and automated operating processes
  • Optimal room management, maintenance and outsourcing

Energy savings throughout the hotel

If sensors detect that a guest has left or a room's not reserved, HVAC is switched to an energy-saving setting, and electrical loads are turned off.

  • The room only uses as much energy as required
  • Energy-saving modes account for weather
  • Virtual energy measurement creates consumption transparency

Connected cabin automation with open interfaces

SBC room automation has open interfaces and connects all disciplines involved. Communication via BACnet, LON, KNX, Modbus, S-Bus optimises costs.

  • Open interfaces for connecting all disciplines including HVAC, lighting, shading
  • Web and IT integration are standard
  • Lighting control via DALI

A complete solution for modern hotel management

Our Supervisor BMS combines visualisation, interaction, monitoring and reporting in one software platform. Modularity allows for easy expansion.

  • Comprehensive solutions for all aspects of hotel automation
  • Compatible with all networks
  • Scalable modularity for individual requirements