Cleaner Indoor Air is the First Step to a Healthier Building

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a great deal of uncertainty – and a greater awareness of our surroundings: The places we visit. The people we’re in close contact with. The air we breathe.

    Improving indoor air quality is a key factor in healthier building outcomes.

    As a building owner or manager, optimizing indoor air quality is nothing new. But is your building return ready?

    We want to help  visit our online library of resources will help you be better informed and better prepared to take action. Inside you’ll learn how, with the right tools to manage air quality, your building can monitor and help clean the air people breathe – automatically and efficiently.

    Top materials available on the content library

    Occupant Survey
    Our occupant survey outlines why healthy improvements can’t wait another day and why 68% of people surveyed don’t feel safe in their own buildings

    Is it safe to return to the office? this resource examines a tactical approach to healthier buildings to keep employees, occupants and visitors safer in your building.

    Technical Guide

    A technical analysis to help building owners and managers create a strategy that considers a combination of factors in order to help improve indoor air quality

    Expert Videos
    A short discussion on the importance of indoor air quality with Dr. William Bahnfleth, Professor of Architectural Engineering at Penn State University and ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Chair

    Plus, Much More!

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