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    Fire Safety Technologies Advance on Many Fronts

    The internet of things has played a key role in establishing a faster and more secure data connection between the fire and life system, fire panels and hospital management as well as with first responders. 

    Mass Notification Systems: Critical Information You Need, When You Need It

    Over the years we’ve grown to expect an alarm to sound or a bell to ring in the event of an emergency. These notifications alert us that we must evacuate a building or shelter in place, but they only tell us so much. In a society where information and communication reign supreme, is a simple alarm enough to make us feel safe and informed as to how to respond should a tragic situation take place? 

    Honeywell Powers India's Auric and Faridabad Smart City Projects

    Honeywell is working with the Aurangabad Industrial Township Ltd. and Faridabad Smart City Ltd. to run cities more effectively and improve citizens’ living standards through smart building technologies and services that seamlessly connect an array of city services, including emergency response, traffic management, road congestion, crowd monitoring, pedestrian safety, and crime prevention. 

    Runway Maintenance: Key to Unlocking Improved Customer Experience

    Air travelers are often primarily focused on two things: did my plane depart on time and did I enjoy the experience? Connected airport technology and effective runway maintenance can help the customer answer “yes” to both questions. 

    Why It’s Time to Converge Physical Security and Cybersecurity

    Many companies today still treat their physical security and cybersecurity departments as separate entities. But as more building systems become digitized—from HVAC to access controls—experts agree that it’s time to consider converging on a departmental level to keep up with the technical level. Matthew Bohne, vice president and chief product security officer at Honeywell says, “You have to be open minded and drive that inclusive behavior to bring those communities together and share information.

    Increasing Guest Comfort and Profits with Integrated Energy Management

    Think about the cost of heating and cooling the rooms in your home. Now imagine doing that for dozens, even hundreds of rooms in a hotel. Keeping all of your guests comfortable without wasting energy or money is easier with energy management systems. 

    Honeywell Enters Into Brave New World of AI

    Honeywell’s new connected security platform, MAXPRO incorporates Intel Vision products to enable advanced analytics and deep learning.

    Phoenix School System Streamlines Maintenance Issues with BMS

    Students and teachers in the Phoenix Union High School District are more comfortable and building systems break down less often thanks, in part, to Outcome Based Service. 

    Campus Environments Demonstrate the Power of IoT

    Educational institutions can maintain more effective learning environments and use buildings to their advantage, putting their infrastructure to work. 

    Newark Taps Honeywell to Boost City’s Energy Efficiency 

    The City of Newark, New Jersey, and Honeywell have formed a partnership to help the city improve energy efficiency and sustainability. It could save the city $1 million each year.