Our electronic pressure devices are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Our pressure measurement devices are microprocessor-controlled and designed for precise recording, monitoring and control of system pressure.

Closely monitor the pressure of air, waste gases and liquids.

Our differential pressure switches keep watch over slightly aggressive liquids and non-flammable gases. Pressure transmitters control air flow.

Bring heating, cooling, and even frost, under your control.

Some of our thermostats control air temperature in industrial areas, while others offer frost protection in air heaters and heat exchangers.

Measure the flow of air and liquids reliably and accurately.

When liquid flow deviates from your preset speed, our compact switch activates. Sensitivity of our air flow switch can be set very precisely.

Keep an eye on indoor humidity wherever it happens to be.

Our duct and room hygrostats monitor relative humidity in air conditioning systems, climatic chambers and control humidifiers and dehumidifiers.