Durability on the outside, reliability on the inside.

Our pressure switches have a rugged housing of seawater resistant aluminum die casting. Gold plated contacts provide corrosion protection.

Choose from wide variety of water pressure measurement devices.

Electronic pressure switches, differential pressure switches and transmitters are accurate and reliable. Stainless steel makes them rugged, too.

Take the guesswork out of water flow rate.

With our electronic flow switches, a circuit is switched when flow speed deviates from your pre-set levels. Our paddle switches also monitor flow.

Accurate readings in a wide range of temperatures.

The temperature in our immersion probe temperature sensor is detected by a Pt100 resistance thermometer with a range of -50 - + 400° C.

Protect pressure devices from certain kinds of media.

For the most accuracy, our pressure mediators and diaphragm seals protect the sensor from aggressive, viscous or crystallizing media.