Gunshot Detection and Lockdown Solutions for Campuses

For building occupants, a lack of situational awareness in active shooter situations can result in panic, confusion, and the inability to make lifesaving decisions quickly. In these situations, security personnel and first responders often receive inaccurate incident report details, resulting in a delayed or unclear path to threat mitigation.

In this webinar, we examine active shooter events and discuss new integrated security solutions that will enhance situational awareness and improve incident communications when every second counts. Slaughter, Director of School Safety and Emergency Management for Martinsville County Schools, talks about his experience with deploying gunshot detection technology, reducing response time for emergency responders to enter schools. We also discuss “Alyssa’s Law,” legislation in Florida and New Jersey, that ensures measures are put in place to protect students by directly notifying law enforcement.

You Will Learn About:

  • Gunshot detection technology and how it can change the outcome of an active shooter event
  • The pillars for school and workplace violence design
  • Situational awareness, incident communications and mass notification
  • Case Study: Martinsville, VA
  • Alyssa’s Law and staying compliant