The full overview

The growing requirements for building security are becoming ever more complex. WINMAG offers a comprehensive solution. Using WINMAG, all systems can be integrated into one single solution.

Master your corporate environment with WINMAG plus™

Due to growing requirements, safety equipment in buildings has become more and more sophisticated, but also more complex. No matter whether in offices, industrial plants, banks, museums, public buildings or critical facilities - the same applies everywhere: more technology, more systems, more information, decentralized locations.

Simply scalable and up to any task

WINMAG plus is modular and easily scalable. This ensures that this software can not only be easily and quickly adapted to the size and location of the objects to be secured.
It also enables easy expansion of the installed system and offers new functions and an intuitive user interface. Last but not least, the new licensing model of WINMAG plus offers tailor-made solutions, as only the actually used range of services is licensed and, in addition, upgrades and conversions can be carried out in a more cost-effective manner.

Whether global or local - everything under safe supervision everywhere

Whether prestigious residences or large properties, whether local or globally distributed properties. WINMAG plus is the ideal software for networked hazard management of any size and is highly versatile. In banks and offices as well as in shopping centers, museums and other public buildings with high security requirements.
The new BMS integration makes it easy to manage a building in a standardized user interface. Incoming messages receive the attention they need and interactions with other connected subsystems can be easily realized through the integrated workflows. With version V7.0, using WINMAG plus in Microsoft terminal server environments is now easier than ever. This significantly reduces the costs for clients and IT investments. Installations for clients are completely eliminated. This also reduces maintenance costs.

New functions
  • Integration of BMS data, e.g. temperature with gauges for floorplans
  • Support for the Microsoft Terminal Server function
  • New report wizard for easy creation of reports
  • Simple creation of fire department route maps
  • New Dallmeier video driver
  • Support for current Dallmeier systems
  • SIAS scripts are started at the same status as at the time of the interruption
  • Logged in person remains the same, even if there is an incorrect login attempt
  • Many improvements have been implemented for many of our drivers to meet the latest cyber security requirements

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