Luxury Property Managers Choose Honeywell

Rising energy costs at a luxury hotel and resort location compelled facilities management to look for ways to optimize energy use and reduce operational costs without disturbing the glittering landscape its retail tenants depend on.

The Challenge

An out-of-date electrical metering system didn’t provide the precise data necessary to optimize all stakeholders’ energy use. As a longtime Honeywell Building Technologies customer, management trusted Honeywell with their total electric meter replacement project. After 15 years of dependable service, the facility’s metering system needed an update. Honeywell’s E-Mon Energy system could help deliver savings in multiple areas, improve power factor calculations and provide improved consumption data for retail clients.

​The Solution

The property’s facilities project management team did its due diligence and looked at other companies’ metering projects, but selected Honeywell due to a history of excellent tech support and reliable products. Project managers chose Honeywell E-Mon Class 2000 and 3400 energy meters, pre-wired into E-Mon MMU Cabinets, and E-Mon Current Sensors. The new fully rewired system operates on E-Mon Energy Software.

The Benefits

  • So far, the update has netted a 20% increase in power consumption data by using E-Mon Energy Software to generate individualized tenant usage statements, demand profiles and energy graphs
  • Installation of the new system located and allowed for correction of numerous tenant-level circuit breakers that were missing or not properly installed
  • A remote Ethernet meter reading system has replaced the previous dial-up system
  • Retail tenants experienced no outage time, and facility managers have access to newer technology offering:
    • Increased accuracy in monitoring of energy consumption
    • More intuitive tenant billing software
    • Easy expansion to more locations