System Sensor AV Notification Appliances

System Sensor’s AV notification devices are the most versatile, easy to install, and cohesive line of audible visible (AV) notification appliances in the industry. System Sensor greatly simplifies the specification, configuration, and installation of your notification project by providing a plug-in design, aesthetic and functional consistency, and field-adjustable settings across the entire line. Whether for fire alarm systems, emergency communications systems, mass notification systems, general signaling, directional sound, or voice evacuation systems, System Sensor enables you to save time and money while meeting the widest range of notification codes and requirements. Look for the L-Series products in the following subcategories: Accessories, Chimes, Chime Strobes, ECS and MNS, Horns, Horn Strobes, Speakers, Speaker Strobes, and Strobes. 


System Sensor AV Notification Appliances Features and Benefits
  • Plug-in design speeds installation and essentially eliminates ground faults from crushed or pinched wires
  • Onboard shorting spring provides wiring continuity check before devices are installed
  • Colored lens option creates distinctive visual signaling; available in amber, red, blue and green
  • Synchronization protocol remains the same allowing system compatibility between new L-Series and SpectrAlert Advance models
  • Lower current draw saves money; approximately 20-35% reduction across all settings
  • Easier customization reduces labor and inventory costs; Snap-on bezels provide language and application options
  • Model consolidation decreases inventory costs; Re-structured candela format eliminates separate standard and high candela models; Combined high volume and high-fidelity speaker eliminates individual high fidelity and high-volume models
  • Additional formats expand application opportunities; Compact wall models for horns, strobes and 2-wire horn/strobes accommodate aesthetically sensitive sites; 8” speaker with higher dB output (1/8 – 8W tap settings) reduces the number of speakers required for sound and intelligibility

System Sensor AV Notification Appliances Accessories

  • MP120KL Mounting Plate
  • Color Lens
  • Bezel Kits
  • Universal Trim Rings
  • Surface Mount Back Boxes
  • The Sync Circuit Module


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