Man using handheld device
Man using handheld device

Tools & Software

Silent Knight tools include a variety of software, drawings and calculators to help you effectively plan and prepare for your next fire safety system installation.

Stay up-to-date with the latest Silent Knight programming software and product firmware to ensure you have all the latest product features and performance improvements.

CLSS Tool Suite

The CLSS Tool Suite allows you to perform battery, voltage drop, and Db line loss calculations in a single desktop application.

Bandwidth Calculator

The Bandwidth Calculator Tool helps determine the SBUS bandwidth usage of a given collection of devices on the 6820(EVS). We recommend you use this tool if you plan to have more than eight devices per SBUS.

Silent Knight Selection Tool (SKST)

This solution empowers you to configure a bill of materials for addressable and conventional Silent Knight panels.


SWIFT Tools is a configuration and maintenance tool for the gateway and devices of the SWIFT Network. Site surveys, device configurations, and diagnostic functions are all part of SWIFT Tools. SWIFT Tools can be installed on a PC and communicates with the gateway and wireless devices through USB-based user interface.

Battery Calculators

Access MS Excel spreadsheets for calculating battery requirements for control panels, power supplies, and voice evacuation.