Silent Knight remote annunciators are an indispensable part of any fire system. They can be used to operate and program the FACP from additional locations within the system. In addition to status messages displayed on the LCD, there are LEDs for alarm, supervisory, trouble, silence, and AC power status. On-board piezo sounders audibly indicate alarms, troubles and supervisory conditions.


Audio Visual (AV) Notification

System Sensor’s AV notification devices are one of the most versatile, easy to install, and cohesive audible visual (AV) notification appliances in the industry. See how you can simplify specification, configuration, and installation of your notification project - saving time and money in the process.



LTE fire alarm communicators represent a leading edge Internet and/or LTE cellular communications solution for monitoring fire alarm systems. Our fast, secure, and effective alarm communications technology enables connection to any Contact-ID fire panel.


Control Panels

Our next generation of fire panels and accessories provide a familiar interface with dynamic configuration options. Now empowered with more addressable points, versatile SWIFT® wireless capabilities, additional communication options and more.



Silent Knight is always at the forefront of future detection code requirements. Our SK-W Series of addressable detectors, bases, and accessories looks better than ever and stays true to the performance you've come to expect. 

Conventional devices for smoke & heat detection pair best with the Silent Knight conventional fire alarm panels or with addressable module interfaces with addressable fire alarm systems.

Activate the station in two steps with the SK-PULL-DA dual action pull station or save more time and choose the SK-PULL-SA with only one activation step.


Mass Notification

Silent Knight's Emergency Voice System (EVS) product line is a fire and emergency mass notification system conveniently integrated and housed in a single panel. The system meets the requirements for mass notification as described in UL 2572. This combination is useful for managing fire and non-fire events where life safety and property protection depends upon clear and timely communications.


Power Supplies

The 5499 (9 amps) and 5495 (6 amps) notification power expanders come with AC power connection, a battery charging circuit, and backup battery support for compatible fire alarm control panels. The switch mode power supply design is up to 50% more efficient than linear mode power supplies. The expanders include built-in synchronization for appliances from System Sensor.

The 5895XL and 5496 intelligent power modules are 6 amp notification power expanders compatible with Silent Knight addressable fire alarm control panels. The 5895XL also provides a conditioned SBUS circuit that allows up to an additional 6,000 feet of wiring for SBUS devices.


Wireless (SWIFT)

SWIFT® devices seamlessly integrate with existing or new wired installations, providing a unique level of reliability through smart, true mesh technology. With redundant paths of communication, if a wireless path is disrupted, the system automatically heals itself, providing Class A system reliability.


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