Your students. Your faculty. Your alumni. Your University. From orientation to graduation, let’s bring your campus back to life.


    What can we do to help you get ready?

    We are ready to help you prepare a comprehensive approach to mitigate risk, letting you bring students back to dorms, classrooms and everything else.

    Protecting People

    Masks and PPE 
    Safety kits and masks available from vending machines across the campus and the scanning technology to make sure that people are wearing. 

    Thermal Screening

    Identify, isolate and reduce the risks.

    Touchless Access Control
    Minimize the potential for contamination.

    Securing Places

    People Counting & Social Distancing Monitoring
    Understand, manage and control the number of people on your campus.

    Enhanced Air Quality
    Meet new industry standards and guidelines.

    Stabilizing Operations

    Building Automation & Energy Optimization
    Holistic management of your facility for compliance and operational efficiencies.

    Incident Response & Protection

    Lockdown monitoring with alerts with tailored standard operating procedures.

    Operational Dashboard
    Monitor all KPIs to uphold compliance.

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