Control Panels

DCM Plus Door Control Module for MB and ACS PRO

The Honeywell DCM Plus provides a scalable and cost-effective remote door control expansion for MB-intrusion and ACS PRO access control systems


The DCM Plus is a door controller module that can be deployed in both Honeywell

MB-intrusion systems as well as in Honeywell ACS access control systems.

DCM Plus enables installer securely manage one or two doors remotely from the

MB- or ACS-controller, in conjunction with the dedicated access control software

IQ-MultiAccess. The user-friendly design with pluggable screw terminals and

switch and jumper settings make it simple to install and easy to configure and

maintain. The single hardware on stock approach gives the installer the flexibility

to stock one device for multiple applications, increasing the return on investment.

Due to the licensing concept, future functional extension of the basic

module can be upgraded via the MB-controller, in case of changing

requirements possible in existing premises without replacing the hardware.

The modular product range, future enclosures with power supply units ensures

cost-effective assemblies to be adapted to the premises' conditions.

Features & Benefits:
  • IQ-MultiAccess and WINMAG provide the monitoring, control and visualization of any door in the systems, including DCM Plus controlled doors
  • VdS compliant 1-door solution for MB systems is available for intrusion needs
  • Pluggable screw terminal connectivity for doors and readers reducing install time
  • By default ready for secure MB-installations, simply convertible to expand up to 2 doors in ACS installations
  • Designed to scale with your business
  • Single hardware strategy allows stock of one type of device and low service stock, still meeting end customer demands through license activated functionalities and intuitive hardware settings
  • Compatible with existing MB and ACS installations for easy replacement and expansions
  • Card-to-Host secure ensuring multi-site secure installations using MIFARE DESFire credentials in intrusion systems
  • Licenses allow full scalability in doors, features and extensions without swapping out hardware
  • Extensive macro control allows up to 100 flexible triggers and procedures
  • Support of proX, MIFARE Classic, MIFARE DESFire, LEGIC prime, LEGIC advant credentials
  • VdS Compliant MB-systems:
  • VdS 2252: G123030 Class C
  • in ACS PRO systems:
  • EMC/CE