Motion Detectors

DUAL TEC® DT906 Series Commercial Motion Detector

DUAL TEC® DT906 Series commercial motion detectors offer PIR anti-mask that sends a pulsing infrared beam out into the field of view every 8 seconds.


The use of two technologies — microwave and PIR — and features like anti-masking, vandal-resistant housing, large coverage patterns, and three microcontroller-based sensitivity modes, make the powerful DUAL TEC® DT906 commercial motion detectors ideal for the harshest commercial and industrial environments. DUAL TEC DT906 commercial motion detectors are feature-rich, and have a long range with a selectable coverage area of 200 ft by 15 ft, or 120 ft by 10 ft. This motion offers PIR anti-mask that sends a pulsing infrared beam out into the field of view every 8 seconds. If the PIR is masked, the IR beam will be reflected back. After two consecutive bounce-backs, the unit will signal a trouble condition, the red and green LED’s will flash, and the normally closed (NC) “mask detect” circuit will open. In addition to anti-mask, the sensors have a zero clearance bug-guard to keep the creepy-crawlers out.

Features & Benefits:

• Patented INFORMER® function, designed primarily as a diagnostic tool, monitors for sensor blockage and can help identify a sabotage situation

• Microcontroller converts all incoming microwave and PIR signals from analog-to-digital format

• INFORMER function checks each technology continuously while the microcontroller conducts a self-test of the sensor's functions at regular intervals, and reports any trouble using the on-board trouble relay

• True temperature compensation continually optimizes the performance of the PIR to account for changes in room temperature

• Environmental noise compensation keeps common environmental disturbances such as fluorescent lights from causing the microwave to false alarm

• Sensor sensitivity can be set to high for fastest capture, to normal, or to low for maximum false alarm immunity in harsh environments

• Two to four steps within field-of-view, depending on sensitivity setting selected

• Bug guard provides zero clearance, protecting the pyro chamber from insects that can cause false alarms

• Utilizes custom designed mirror optics to provide effective capture at long range

• LEDs will display codes to indicate an anti-masking condition, INFORMER condition, trouble condition, and recallable codes to indicate INFORMER results and whether or not there was a self-test failure



  • Brand
    • Honeywell Security


  • Brand
    • Honeywell Security
  • Brand : Honeywell Security