Occupancy Sensors

LOS-509 Series Line Voltage Occupancy Sensor

The LOS-509 series line voltage occupancy sensors of the TRANS family are designed for all-purposes energy efficient lighting control.


The LOS-509 series members of the TRANS family are line voltage switching occupancy sensors designed for all-purposes energy efficient lighting control. This occupancy sensors employs a cutting edge quad element pyroelectric infrared sensor to provide omni-directional sensing capability of occupant’s presence and movements. The Accu-Set digital potentiometer makes the sensor setting easier, faster and more accurate than the conventional analog potentiometer. An exclusive hybrid switching technology makes LOS-509 series ideal to control the lighting with exceptionally high inrush current (HIC) while switching on, such as multiple LED or CFL lightings connected in parallel.

The LOS-509 series line voltage occupancy sensors are available with various mounting options and interchangeable lenses. This provides a second-to-none design and complete installation flexibility. The sensors are designed to operate in the coldest of environments, down to -40°C/°F. The LOS-509 series comes with an ambient light sensors (ALS) to inhibit the lighting if ambient light levels are higher than required. The LOS-509 series sensors are designed to provide complete occupancy sensing for automatic lighting control, ease of use, and the simplest installation possible.

Features & Benefits:
  • Omni-directional quad element infrared sensor
  • Hybrid switching for controlling loads with HIC
  • Accu-Set potentiometer for quick and easy setting
  • Walk test and sensor operation LED indicator
  • Direct lead wires for easy wiring connection
  • Available with a variety of mounting options
  • Available with interchangeable lens options
  • UL Listed


  • Brand
    • Alerton


  • Brand
    • Alerton
  • Brand : Alerton