Pressure Switches & Sensors

Uni-Directional Pressure Transmitter

Honeywell's uni-directional pressure transmitters uses a high quality, variable capacitive pressure sensor in each of the units. These are low differential pressuretransmitters are offered in ranges from 0 to 0.25” up to 0 to 10” WC.


The uni-directional pressure transmitters have variable capacitance sensors have a good signal to noise ratio and are not plagued by temperature drift. The transmitters can be powered by a regulated, +15 to 36 VDC or 24 VAC supply voltage, and the units are polarity sensitive. The pressure transmitters will provide a linear output signal using a two or three-wire configuration, depending on the model number of the unit being ordered. The overall accuracy of the unit is +/- 1% of the Full Scale Output (FSO) over the compensated temperature range. When used in combination with a pitot tube or orifice plate, flow can be measured and controlled in ducts or plenums. The PS-27Px Series pressure transmitters use a durable and proven sensor technology to provide lengthy and stable performance.

Features & Benefits:
  • AC/DC Power
  • 4-20mA, 0-5VDC, and 0-10 VDC Outputs
  • +/- 1% FSO Accuracy
  • Easy Installation, Polarity Sensitive
  • 2 Year Warranty