Room Pressure Monitors

VAV Filter

The Alerton VAV-FILTER is easily installed on the airflow sensor aboard BACtalk®VAV controllers to reduce the accumulation of airborne dust particles.


Alerton VAV control products use an airflow sensor that allows a small amount of air to flow through the sensor. In relatively rare cases there can be particles in the air that deposit on the sensor, eventually degrading sensor accuracy. In applications where accurate airflow measurement is critical—for example, when maintaining pressure zones in a laboratory environment—or when the airflow is likely to contain significant dust levels, a VAV-FILTER installed on the high pressure side of the flow sensor can reduce the possibility of dust contamination. The VAV-FILTER is ideal for particularly dusty areas, which include spaces where entering air or supply air is not filtered, and environments where air velocities are both constant and relatively high (greater than 2,000 fpm).

Features & Benefits:
  • Adaptable, Fits easily onto commonly used VAV tubing
  • Durable, High-quality construction reduces contaminants in the measured airflow stream