Sylk Actuator Analytics

Track Actuator Health with Insights, Alarms & Reports

Analytics on Demand

When you track the health of each actuator, you can further optimize the performance of your system, and the service-life of your equipment. And to make that easier, Honeywell now offers Sylk Actuator Analytics within the Niagara FrameworkTM. No operator analysis needed. No extra charges. Just set the dashboard up within your WEBs N4 Supervisor. See device health and usage, get alarms, and easily run reports.

Life Remaining Dashboard

See the total % of life remaining for each connected Sylk Actuator. Know how quickly actuators are being using and when replacement is necessary.

Performance Monitoring

View the trend line of average actuator use, based on average strokes per week. Identify unexpected instances or clusters of heavy usages.


End of life alerts appear in the Supervisor Alarm Console. Setup threshold levels and manage users. Be warned of anomalies before they become problems.


Actuator Life and Alarm History report downloads available in CSV format. Plan purchases & upgrades with more accurate information.


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