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    Honeywell Metalclad CP range

    This exciting new range has been designed with both the contractor/installer and the comfort and peace of mind of the end user at its core. The range has therefore been developed with 3 key principles in mind, ease of configuration and installation, family safety and future growth, and long-term reliability. The clean modern styling ensure the Metalclad CP range of units will be equally at home incorporated into the interior décor of the homes hallway or other prominent location or tucked away under the stairs or out of sight in the garage.

    Key Devices

    Including 10 Populated Boards, coupled with our extensive selection of RCB, MCB, plus Surge and ARC detection devices and accessories, the Metalclad CP range is fully ompliant with the 18th Edition wiring regulations and will cater for all residential and samll circuit protection requirements.

    RCD - Residual current device

    The Honeywell Metalclad CP range offers a selection of two module Type A and AC RCD devices. RCDs are life-saving devices designed to detect leakage current. This helps to prevent the risk of a fire or electric shock.

    MCB - Miniature circuit breaker

    With 18 single pole Type B and C MCB devices, MCBs are used prevent damage to an electrical circuit resulting from excess current. They will automatically trip during an overload or short circuit to protect against electrical faults and equipment failure.

    RCBO - Residual current breaker with over-current protection

    RCBOs combine short circuit protection and overload with protection against earth leakage currents. They will disconnect the circuit when the current becomes unbalanced, protecting both people and equipment. Honeywell’s Metalclad CP offers 7 Type AC RCBOs with B Curve characteristics.

    Surge Protection and Arc Fault Detection

    18th Edition Surge Protection Device

    These are suitable for first level of protection in residential, commercial or other applications not exposed to direct strikes or with no external lightning protection system. They are installed at the origin of the low voltage system or close to sensitive equipment to protect against transient voltages coupled into the low voltage network.

    18th Edition Arc & RCBO

    Though only suggested in the 18th Edition regulation, Type A Arc fault detection device in 16A and 32A are included in the range to reduce the risk of fire by detection of leakage current, over-current and arcing to ground as a consequence of tracking currents within an electrical installation. AFDDs are designed to detect low level hazardous arcing faults that circuit breakers, fuses and RCDs are not designed to detect.

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