When your building performs, so does your data

    We’re here to help you find cost-effective ways to optimize uptime and achieve reliable, sustainable operations.

    Maximum uptime starts with security and efficiency

    When it comes to maintaining uptime while also keeping operational costs low, data centres face unique challenges – from cybersecurity and fire safety to energy efficiency and resilience. At Honeywell, we set the industry standard, and have integrated our solutions to be deployable as a suite or individually.

    Our end-to-end portfolio of solutions are designed to keep your data centre operations running at peak performance

    Improve reliability, reduce downtime risk and improve SLA compliance 

    Improve PUE, reduce OpEX and reduce carbon footprint

    Improve response time
    and protect assets

    Reduce CapEx and reduce
    time to market

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    Capabilities that build on one another

    Find out what your data centre can achieve with smart, modular capabilities and insights that keep your operations streamlined and in sync.

    Honeywell Data Centre Suite

    Gain facility-wide awareness while analyzing your data, alerting you in real time, and decreasing your energy consumption.

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