There are many reasons for choosing Pinnacle. Here are just a few.

You get single or double configuration options and fascia angles. Horizontal or vertical installation for flexibility. Clip-on covers make future refinements easy. Manufactured right here in the UK and the main carrier is made from 100% recycled PVCu.

Modern curves instead of harsh angles.

Not only are its gentle curves more visually appealing, but Pinnacle stylishly complements our renowned and vast Logic Plus range of power, data and USB charging outlets.

You’ve seen how Pinnacle works. Now see where it’s working.

The Pinnacle range has been busy providing access to what people need for their jobs, their classwork, or beyond. Here are just a few of the places where Pinnacle is improving people’s lives.

In labs where data, power and communications are key, Pinnacle is there.

Pinnacle provides easy bench top access to everything researchers, scientists and students need to do lab work in schools and hospitals. 


We’ve prepared for the daily tests that educational facilities give us.

The high-quality, robust design and choice of 1-3G and twin, segregated compartments make Pinnacle bench units ideal for educational settings.


The flexibility to adapt to ever changing office spaces.

Configuration, height and fascia options combine to make Pinnacle ergonomic, delivering easy access, especially with the “hot desking” trend.

There’s more to explore.

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