The Prestige 3D family

This family meets the growing demands of power and data cable management installations. Designed and manufactured in the UK, it’s rich in features that deliver ease of install and greater trunking depth to cater for Cat 5e, 6 and 7 structured cabling.

Meet The Prestige 3D Family The variety of 3D systems are designed to meet your power and data distribution needs.


A range with plenty of capacity and style.

Prestige 3D Dado and Skirting is robust yet stylish. It offers greater cabling capacity without bulbous corners and is Cat 5e, 6 and 7 compliant.  


A big solution for smaller spaces and budgets.

Prestige 3D Compact system, with its small footprint, is perfect where space is limited. All the key features of the family at a lower price.  


When hygiene is a priority, it’s antibacterial.

Antibac Blue uses an additive inherent in the PVCu, so it doesn’t rub off or wear out. Tested by an independent lab to have proven kill rates of over 99% against harmful bacteria.

Some of the many places you’ll find our products.


Antibac Blue is ideal for hospitals where there is a serious risk of infection.

Glasgow's Royal Infirmary Intensive Care was the first hospital in the UK to install antibacterial cabling, with 55 meters of Antibac Blue.


The smaller, robust design of Prestige Compact 3D is perfect for educational facilities.

The antibacterial Prestige 3D family integrates with the '3-pin child resistant shutter system', making it ideal for any school or nursery.


Meet the growing demands of cable management installations.

The Prestige 3D range is rich in unique features that bring greater cabling capacity and improved aesthetics to any installation.

There’s more to explore. 

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