Raised floor environments have different needs. We can meet them.

Choose from a safe, easy-to-install system of underfloor power tracks, a wide range of floorboxes and grommets and fully customisable desk modules. All give your users convenient access to power, data and USB charging in any raised floor environment.

Interact underfloor power

Cablelink Plus Single Pan Box

We get power and data to your desks in three ways.

Our Desking Solutions offer a comprehensive range of pre-configured above the desk, in the desk and under desk modules. So you can provide end users with straightforward access to power and data services in a way that’s convenient for them.

Robust, stylish and ergonomic.

Above the desk options have a configurable “tunnel” design for voice and data connections. An integral “C” clamp makes installation easy.


Ideal for shared spaces and meeting rooms.

In the desk modules feature a discreet design with a soft close lid and configurable ‘tunnel’ for voice and data connections.


DeskPod™ combines style and versatility.

Featuring stylish anodised aluminium and a range of pre-configured options including circuit protection, USB charging and pre-wired tap-offs.

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The flexibility to easily adjust to a changing office environment.

Easy to install, our single pan floorbox and track system provides workstation access to power and data. As your space changes, it can evolve along with it.


Robust enough to handle heavy use environments.

Our single pan and track systems are ideal for high load bearing areas like classrooms. Robust cord caps and lid tethers provide extra durability.


Power that goes wherever it’s needed.

Workspaces are always moving. Our mobile above the desk option goes with you. With an integral ‘C’ clamp, 13A plug and lead, fit and removal are super easy.

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