Designed with NDAA Section 889 in mind

The Honeywell 30 Series, 60 Series, 70 Series and Modum IP cameras are built for use as part of video systems that comply with NDAA 2019, Section 889.

Secure your future in a connected world.

Our MAXPRO® and Pro-Watch® VMS /NVR range, 30, 60 and 70 Series Embedded NVRs and ADPRO iFT/iFT-E IP NVRs can all be used to provide video systems that comply with NDAA Section 889.

30 Series IP Cameras

Meet the Honeywell 30 Series IP cameras, an integrated video solution that empowers you to level up the safety and security of your building.

60 Series IP Cameras

We improve quality and reliability with the new 60 series line of 4MP and 5MP IP cameras, including a 2MP outdoor speed dome.

70 Series IP Cameras

These cameras are highly modular, compact surveillance solutions using HD video and/or thermal technology for short and long range applications.

Thermal cameras for body temperature detection

Our thermal and optical IR network cameras combine world-class imaging and camera technology with innovative IP networking.

30 Series embedded NVRs

The 30 Series embedded network video recorders are our latest, affordable, fully featured NVRs, offering 4K HD (UHD) video resolution.


The MAXPRO® NVR family is a flexible, scalable and open IP video surveillance system that supports our own and third-party IP cameras.

ADPRO® Series

The ADPRO® iFT series offers up to 32 IP channels that scale up to 16 IP and 16 analytic channels on the XO 4 Security Operating System.

Pro-Watch® integrated security suite

Pro-Watch® software is designed to meet the complete enterprise security needs, from access and intrusion management to video surveillance.

WIN-PAK® integrated security software

WIN-PAK® 4.8 provides a cost-effective way to manage access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection through a single interface.

Secure by Default: security from the ground up

Secure by Default is a holistic approach to solving security problems at the root cause, reducing the overall harm to a system or component. We work with hardware, firmware and software vendors to develop technologies that mitigate the latest threats.

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