Chertsey High School

Chertsey High School has selected DALI16 lighting controls for their new 900 pupil school from Honeywell Lighting Controls (formerly known as Ex-Or by Honeywell).

Honeywell Lighting Controls have been used in the classrooms and common areas across the site, meaning the school can maximise the energy savings for lighting.

The project was designed to meet BREEAM very good to comply with ESFA requirements and a 10% carbon reduction was required to meet the local planning requirements, this meant a low energy/carbon building solution was required to be designed. J B Hopkins selected Honeywell Lighting Controls (formerly known as Ex-Or by Honeywell) because they required a system which offered simple and flexible wiring.

The school had to meet challenging carbon reduction targets for build and use. It was essential that the lighting system was simple to install, commission and use. The design required the minimum number of parts and the DALI16 solution, with the control embedded within sensor, offered the lowest total installed cost.

Low energy LED luminaires were used throughout with automatic lighting control, daylight dimming and manual override, to ensure efficient and convenient operation.

DALI16 delivered a lighting control solution which was simple to install and commission. A single 5 core cable connects the sensor to the luminaires and the integral power supply in the DALI16 sensor removes the need for any additional hardware.

Daylight harvesting feature within DALI16 automatically fades luminaire groups up or down to maintain the ambient light levels throughout the day.

DALI16 enables you to control the colour temperature of the luminaires to match the natural circadian rhythms. This creates lighting which helps students feel more alert, improves mood, aids learning and even reduces depression.

Lee Constable Sales Manager at Honeywell Lighting Controls said “We have worked alongside J B Hopkins to deliver a sustainable and energy efficient solution and Honeywell Lighting Controls DALI16 was the ideal solution”. “J B Hopkins valued the collaboration and support offered by Honeywell Lighting Controls in delivering the project on time”.