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    Honeywell helps one of Sydney’s most well-known buildings, improve its security and visitor access system, and the overall experience of visitors and tenants alike.
    The Gateway Building in Sydney, Australia, is a premium office building owned by the Dexus Wholesale Property Fund. The site is made of an office tower and a separate retail area, providing office spaces for a broad range of tenants which must comply with various access control and security requirements. Project officials turned to Honeywell, their long-time partner, to implement security and building management system upgrades without impacting the tenant and visitor experience.


    • Improve the site’s security without impacting comfort or user experience. 
    • Adopt cutting edge building technology to bring more convenience to tenants and visitors.
    • Implement solutions that would set new quality standards for future Dexus premium commercial buildings.
    • Integrate multiple tenant and visitor workflows that respect access control requirements.
    • Provide a positive and improved experience for tenants and visitors.


    The project was delivered in multiple stages to ensure minimal disruption to tenants and visitors. The solution had to go beyond the scope of a regular visitor management and lobby security system, in that it should provide the same level of user experience for tenants as it does for visitors. Centralised integration of multiple systems was required to bring together and manage the diverse selection of new technologies.

    Working as the systems integrator, Honeywell engaged with multiple parties and internal development teams to provide a seamless integration to the biometric system, in order to provide cardless access. A high-level Interface was developed and fast-tracked during the project to achieve this, while also including an additional visitor access option by using QR codes for secure temporary visitor credentials. Upon arriving at the building, automated visitor kiosks issue temporary QR-code access passes that provide secure access. When the visitor leaves for the day, these credentials are automatically removed from the system, so they cannot be reused – maintaining a high level of security and simplifying the credential management process for both tenants and visitors.

    With automated and secure visitor management, tenants can guide their visitors through the building lobby and speedstiles, up the lifts and into their tenancies through a single email. The entire visitor  management process is fully automated with the security system and requires no concierge visits, phone calls, or complicated access passes. For even more comfort, when presenting a contactless credential (Card, Biometric, QR, Bluetooth or PIN), the system provides a single point of access control, allowing entry to the lift lobby and automatically calling the tenant or visitor home floor. This new process provides a unique and efficient user experience and reduces the overall wait time and the number of touchpoints required to reach their destination. This technology improves the user experience and works with the site’s base building access control system, speedstiles, lifts systems, locker system, boom gates and independent tenant access control systems.

    Bluetooth readers are now installed on the disabled access speedstile gates and can be installed on other access points to provide a similar user experience to card and cardless users and with the help of the Honeywell Vector Occupant App the user can access the speedstiles and call their home floor through a single proximity based access control request. The same technology can be used to unlock any automatic door within the facility with a Bluetooth reader installed.

    When it came to choosing the integration platform, Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) was the number one option. EBI was already installed as the incumbent security management system and Honeywell’s proven ability to manage and integrate with a diverse range of complex systems was all the more reason to chose it as the integration platform.


    • Project scope development
    • Proof of concept
    • List selection of technologies
    • Management of complex software and technology integrations
    • Stakeholder management
    • Project management, execution, and delivery
    • Ongoing system development and improvement


    • Enhanced the site’s security and access control.
    • Improved comfort and convenience for tenants and visitors by adopting a reliable automated and secure visitor management system.
    • Simplified credential management processes.
    • Cutting-edge technologies that set a new benchmark for commercial buildings.
    • Integrated multiple systems and tenant and visitor workflows through Honeywell EBI.
    • Seamless user experience for tenants and visitors.

    "Gateway is the first commercial building in Australia to offer fully-integrated, touchless entry technology, enabling us to deliver a safe, secure and seamless experience for our customers."


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