ACS PRO - Powerful, flexible and expandable

The intelligent, flexible and scalable access control solution for 2 to 16 doors.

ACS PRO is the solution for small to large Access Control systems as well as for critical infrastructures in combination with IQ-MultiAccess (from V25 SP1) and WINMAG.
The single-hardware strategy offers a future-proof and economical solution. It starts cost-efficiently with 2 doors and can be expanded up to 16 doors with the same controller, thus fulfilling all growing requirements. Clear information cards and door stickers reduce installation time.
The 2-door version supports up to 4 module bus and clock data readers, but the 2 RS-485 expansion buses are deactivated. To activate these, the ACS-LIC2D licence must be purchased, downloaded from the licensing portal and installed on the control panel. The number of supported doors is then 4 and can then be extended to up to 16 doors with additional licences. LEDs indicate the number of activated doors for easy identification.
Access control systems that must fulfil the VdS requirements or EN60839-11-2 are also included in our portfolio. Please allow for a lead time of approx. 2 weeks.
The new ACS PRO Controller has the following new features:

Here are the most important functions supported by the current firmware (V01SP2) on the ACS PRO Controller:  

  • 2-door support (without activated RS-485 buses)
  • Licence for additional 2-doors and activation of the external RS-485 buses (only applies to 2-door licence)
  • RUN LED flashes to indicate the supported number of doors
  • Improved cyber security for panel communication
  • ACS4 setup tool can now be used on the same PC/server with IQ-MultiAccess
  • The "User Group" command has been added and allows mass modification of user and access properties as supported in IQ-MultiAccess V25.

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