Make IAQ a key performance indicator in schools

Comply with changing regulations, secure funding, and provide effective long-term air quality so your school can confidently bring students back.

Air Quality Solutions for Schools

Use our comprehensive range of healthy building products to customize a solution to fit your school needs.


School Brochure

Assess and address environmental health issues – making sure that your school building is healthier and that your staff and students are better protected

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Quick Reopening Package

Learn about our approach in meeting indoor air standards in school buildings and a Quick Reopening Package to make it happen.  

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IAQ Checklist 

Air quality should be frequently checked and optimized. Check out Honeywell’s checklist to improve indoor air quality.

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Let's optimize your school

What happens inside a school is what matters the most about your facility. Make it healthier, know it's healthier and keep it healthier for tomorrow.