Life Science Facilities

Airflow Management Integrity

Phoenix Controls offers solutions designed specifically for Life Science facilities that can easily accommodate changes in airflow demands, reduce future HVAC renovation costs, maintain the environmental integrity of a research facility, and help reach an organization's LEED goals.

The advantages of using Phoenix Controls for the airflow demands for all types of life science research facilities are:

  • Less testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) means faster commissioning
  • Easy integration with LonTalk® or BACnet® networks
  • Mechanically pressure-independent operation
  • Shut-off capability for gaseous decontamination or HVAC isolation
  • High turndown ratios saves energy
  • No flow sensors means no maintenance
  • Fewer controllers per room 
  • Tiered control platforms

Life Science-related Products

From venturi valves to Vision CE, look to Phoenix Controls to be your product provider. Click links for more information:
  • Phoenix Controls Venturi Valve
  • APM Room Monitor
  • Phoenix Controls Tracking Pair Venturi Valves
  • Cage Rack Valves, Constant Volume Valves 
  • Temp and Humidity Sensors 
  • APM II Monitor
  • Vista Pressure Monitor
  • Valve Upgrade Kits
  • Vision CE
  • Vista Monitor
  • Exhaust, Supply and Return Valves
  • Vision CE
  • Two State Wall Switch 
  • APM II Central Display 
  • View Room Displays
  • Fan Static Reset Kits