Phoenix Controls Valves and Controllers

Precise air quality control

Phoenix Controls can help improve your ventilation and air quality with our Venturi Valves and controllers. No maintenance on the valves means you don’t have to constantly measure flow, adjust dampers, or recalibrate sensors.

6-inch Valve

Optimal for compact applications requiring tight geometries and smaller duct sizes like cage racks, cabinet exhausts, modular cleanrooms, and patient rooms, the 6-inch venturi valve provides accurate airflow control. 

Valve Upgrade Kit

The Valve Upgrade Kits by Phoenix Controls provide migration from constant volume, PxV, base upgradable, analog, and other older versions of Celeris valves to the latest Celeris and Traccel generation of digital valves.

Compact Cage Rack Valve

Compact cage rack valve combines a factory-calibrated, field-tunable flow rate setting with a mechanical, pressure-independent flow regulator to meet the unique requirements of a ventilated cage rack connection to building ventilation system

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