Increase healthcare facility resilience with Theris Venturi Valves

Enhanced protection and surge readiness with precise air quality control

The Theris family of venturi valves is designed to help healthcare facilities use directional airflow and pressurization to control airflow. This helps to limit the spread of airborne pathogens, improve indoor air quality (IAQ), and increase room-state flexibility.

Greater efficiency

  • Turndown ratios range from 10:1 to 20:1 for Theris valves, vs 3:1 for VAV boxes.
  • Use up to 30% shorter duct runs for more accurate operation.
  • Low controllable pressure drop.

No valve maintenance

  • Preassembled and characterized at factory.
  • Preset accuracy removes need for balancing on site.
  • No flow sensors, no component drift, no sensor recalibration.

Improved air quality

  • Helps reduce risk of cross-contamination from pathogens and pollutants.
  • Consistent directional airflow minimizes dead zones of stagnant air.
  • Precise control of circulation, temperature, and humidity.

Onboard room controller

  • Can be programmed with a pandemic mode for rapid room isolation.
  • BACnet/MSTP enables integration with virtually any BMS.
  • Includes temperature controller for building zone applications.

Theris Venturi Valve portfolio

The Theris family of venturi valves gives you a versatile range of capabilities to meet and exceed today’s published guidelines for IAQ and airflow control.

Theris Venturi Valves

Protect your most critical spaces – those requiring airflow accuracy within +/-5% of the setpoint across the full flow and pressure range:

  • Reduce infection risk in spaces that require asepsis, such as operating suites, burn units, and intensive care units.
  • Maintain cascading pressurization to protect spaces such as airborne infectious isolation (AII) rooms, protective environment (PE) rooms, pharmacies, and labs.

Theris Flex Venturi Valves

Increase the overall resilience of your facility with first-line spaces that can quickly adapt to other needs – giving you airflow accuracy within +/-10% of the setpoint:

  • Isolate spaces such as patient rooms or the ER department to quickly respond to contagion risks.
  • Optimize energy use and sustainability where turndowns in unoccupied rooms are acceptable.

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