Fire-Lite Software/Firmware Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest Fire-Lite programming software and product firmware to ensure you have all the latest product features and performance improvements.

Panels (Addressable)​
Product Firmware Version  Size  Software Resources/Notes
ES-50X and ES-200X

Canadian models: ES-50XC, ES-50XC-FR, ES-200XC and ES-200XC-FR
ES Series Firmware 01.03.006 1.3 MB FS-Tools 03.02.005 FS-Tools ES-50X User Guide​

​​FS-Tools ES-200X User Guide​
(All Hardware Versions)
Revision 4.1 n/a 298 KB PS-TOOLS Remote Upload/Download Utility

​​PPU Wizard Updating Panel Firmware

PK-PLUS Remote Upload/Download Utility (MS-9600 (Pre 4.0 Version), MS-9200UDLS (Pre 4.0 Version) only)
​​PPU Tech Bulletin

​​Product Safety Bulletin

​​PS-Tools User Guides

PS-Tools Export/Import

(Revision 1 Hardware - No USB Connector)
Revision 3.8 (Upgrade Note: Only flash Rev 1 hardware with this firmware) n/a 282 KB
(Revision 2 Hardware - includes USB Connector)
Revision 5.5 (Upgrade Note: Only flash Rev 2 hardware with this firmware) n/a 415 KB
(Revision 3 Hardware - includes USB Connector and removable Terminal blocks) 
Revision 7.1 (Upgrade Note: Only flash Rev 3 hardware with this firmware) n/a 427 KB
(All hardware versions)
Revision 2.7 n/a 266 KB
MS-9600LS(E) and MS-9600UDLS(E)
(All Hardware versions)
Revision 6.2 n/a 427 KB
Panels (Conventional)
Product Firmware Version  Size  Utilities Resources/Notes
MS-5UD-3/MS-10UD-7 ​ Revision 2.3 n/a 176 KB PS-TOOLS Remote Upload/Download Utility

PPU Wizard Updating Panel Firmware
PPU Tech Bulletin​

PS-Tools User Guides

PS-Tools Export/Import
Revision 3.1 n/a 178 KB
​SWIFT® Wireless Products
Product Software Version  Size  Utilities Resources/Notes
All SWIFT Devices SWIFT® Tools​ 4.1 247 MB n/a n/a
FireWatch™ Communicator Series
Product Firmware   Version    
Size    Utilities     Resources/Notes
IP Alarm Receiver IPDACT-2/2UD Windows Configurator (UDPORT Virtual Port) 5.4 24 MB n/a IPDACT-Configurator Setup Instructions
Monitoring Software n/a 208 MB n/a Supports upload/download to fire panels equipped with IPDACT-2UD over the Internet or Intranet

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