Fire-Lite Alarms Announces Extension of Warranty Period

Fire-Lite Alarms is pleased to announce that its limited warranty period has been extended from 18-months to 36-months, effective immediately. The extension to the warranty period applies only to products manufactured by Fire-Lite Alarms in its Northford, CT. Product pricing remains unchanged.

Products sold by Fire-Lite Alarms that are not manufactured by Fire-Lite Alarms Northford, CT facility are not covered by the warranty extension. Warranty terms for those products will continue to be as specified by the respective, original manufacturer.

Fire-Lite Alarms extension of the warranty period from 18-months to 36-months is retroactive, and covers all products manufactured in Northford , CT on, and after, January 1, 2009. It does not apply to products manufactured in 2008, and purchased in 2009. Products must have a Date Code of "0109," or later to be eligible for the extended warranty period. The first two digits of the Date Code represent the Week, and the next two digits represent the Year. An example of the first week of 2010 would be 0110.

All other warranty terms and conditions remain unchanged, including, but not limited to, policies and procedures pertaining to the warranty return and replacement process.

The extended warranty period applies to all markets, including applicable products exported from the United States. 

Fire-Lite Alarms is confident that its extension of the warranty period will further support your sales effort in today's competitive marketplace. We stand proud behind our product that is assembled in the U.S. A.