Smoke Detectors

ASD-PTL3 Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Sensor

Velociti® Series 3 Photoelectric DetectorsVelociti® Series 3 intelligent photoelectric detectors with integral communication provide point location for alarm communication and selective maintenance.


Velociti® Series 3 Photoelectric Detectors Velociti Series 3 smoke detectors are intelligent addressable detectors with point ID capability that enable each detector address to be set with rotary address switches providing exact device locations.

The photoelectric detector continually monitors the detected temperature and reports it to the fire alarm control panel. The modern design and expanded colour options support a variety of contemporary aesthetic demands. In addition, each detector is constructed for exceptional installation and maintenance efficiency

photoelectric detector's re-designed optical sensing chamber is engineered to sense smoke produced by a wide range of combustion sources in accordance with more stringent code standards. The sensitivity of Velociti series detectors can be programmed using the control panel software to suit the environment. The ASD-PL3R photoelectric detector is also remote test capable that may be used with a DNR (DNRW) duct smoke detector housing. The ASD-PTL3 multisensor detector offers either photoelectric detection or thermal detection through dual electronic thermistors at 135F fixed temperature thermal sensing

Features & Benefits:
  • Complies with UL® Standard 268 7th Edition
  • Designed with a new profile to offer modern and improved
  • aesthetics
  • Contains a built-in functional test switch activated by external
  • magnet
  • Supports a low standby current
  • Provides rotary address switches (01-159)
  • Supplies optional relay, isolator, or sounder bases
  • Includes dual LEDs for 360° visibility
  • Offers expanded colour options
  • UL® Standard 268 7th Edition
  • FM: 3023594
  • MEA FDNY: COA-219-02-E Vol. VI
  • CSFM: 7272-1703:0501
  • ISO 9001 Certificatio