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    Thermal Camera Module(TCM10) Compatible with HON-FSF2-ODB

    Thermal Camera Module(TCM10) Compatible with HON-FSF2-ODB to detect users with elevated skin temperature


    TCM10-FSF2 Thermal Cameras are temperature detection module measures the temperature quickly and accurately by combining its high resolution camera with patented face recognition algorithm that pinpoints the upper area of the face. The face recognition terminals designate the upper face area, enabling Suprema Thermal Camera to measure the most accurate skin temperature. Suprema face recognition terminals display the temperature on GUI raising alerts when a higher than threshold temperature is detected. Thermal camera connects via USB interface making deployment quick and easy on new and retrofits install

    Features & Benefits:
    • Enhanced security and safety
    • Accurate temperature measurement
    • Easy connection with Suprema face recognition terminals via USB
    • Ergonomic design for convenience
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