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221455A221508A Modutrol IV Resistor Boards

221508A Modutrol IV Resistor Boards are used to controlling up to six Series 90s in parallel with a 135 ohm pot or slide wire type series 90 control


The 221508A Resistor Board can be configured to provide the functions of the 4074BYK, 4074EAU, 4074EDC, or 4074EED resistor kits for Series 90 Modutrol IV motors. For 4074BYK applications, it can allow a single controller to operate up to six Modutrol IV M91XX motors in unison. For 4074EAU application, it adapts an M91XX motor to operate from a 4-20 mA controller. In 4074EED applications, it permits operation of up to four M91XX motors from a 4-20 mA signal. The Resistor Board mounts inside the motor's wiring box and provides screw terminals for field wiring.

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