Ball Valves

VB6 Series 6-Way Control Ball Valve and Actuator

VB6 series 6-Way valves are equal percentage characterized control valves with modulating actuators. A single assembly provides positive shut-off, changeover, and controls both heating and cooling of single coil applications in four pipe systems.

VB6 ball valves are designed to serve as both change-over valves and control valves in one, using only one modulating actuator to achieve both functions, connecting a single 2-pipe heat exchanger to 4-pipe systems. The simultaneous rotation of two balls, mechanically connected to one stem, opens supply and return ports on one control sequence (e.g. cooling), while keeping the second sequence closed (heating). This control scheme avoids mixing between flows and cannot be overridden. They reduce wiring and eliminate the need of a change over valve, while enabling the use of a single coil for heating and cooling. They are ideal for chilled beam units, fan coil units, small air handling coils, bypass piping, and other applications featuring a single heat exchanger in four-pipe systems to control chilled or hot water in closed loop systems.Features & Benefits:
  • Very wide range of CV options from 0.3 to 14.0 for both control sequences for perfect valve sizing and flow control.
  • Actuator comes with removable access cover to provide direct access to terminal blocks for wiring. Actuator’s declutch function for manual adjustment to provide easy installation.
  • Zero internal leakage – Energy savings due to prevention of energy waste caused by leakage. Control ball valves feature self-cleaning technology which helps to eliminate blockage and leakage caused by damaged surfaces.
  • Valve body comes with Nickel plated brass body to reduce stress concentration on the valve body.
  • Stainless steel trim - VB6 valves come with stainless steel balls and stems for maximum performance and life.
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