Architectural DALI

    Input Integrator

    The integration of third-party systems into a Scene Select II system streamlines operations reducing repetitive tasks for end-users

    DDMIDC8 is designed to enable cost-effective input integration to the Scene Select II control system from third-party systems such as security, HVAC and BMS.

    Eight digital inputs - Each can be individually configured as a dry contact or 0-24V AC/DC input.
    LED indicator on each input - Provides visual status indication.
    Optical isolation - All inputs isolated for high noise immunity.
    Four 0-5/0-10 V analogue inputs - Software selectable.
    Programmable Logic Controller - Processes comprehensive conditional and sequential logic and arithmetic functions.

    DLLI8I8O is an eight-way dry contact interface with LED indicator outputs, that allows mechanical and electronic switches to communicate directly to the DyNet network.

    Compact size - Allows installation in electrical wall boxes for easy integration with third-party user interfaces.
    Eight dry contact inputs - Each dry contact trigger is individually programmable for a range of tasks.
    Eight indicator outputs - Each output is individually programmable to drive an external LED indicator sharing a common cathode, communicating current system status or settings.
    Allows up to 20 m cable runs - Enables convenient connection to dry contact interfaces in multiple rooms

    DPMI940-D is a four-channel input dry contact interface, designed to allow mechanical and electronic switches to interface directly with a Scene Select II DALI controller on the DALI bus.

    DALI device – Designed to operate seamlessly with the Scene Select II DDBC120-DALI or DDBC320-DALI controller.
    Powered directly by the DALI network – Eliminates the need for additional network field wiring.
    Fully programmable – Each individual input is fully software programmable over the DALI network, allowing for multiple functions to be performed such as select lighting scene, room join or toggle lighting on/off.
    Compact size – Inputs are presented on flyleads, making the device suitable for installation behind multi-gang switch grids.
    Simple dry contact interface – Can be used for low level integration to third party systems such as security and air conditioning so that the lighting can be coordinated together with other services found within a project.
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    SceneSelect II 8-way Opto-isolated Input Device, DIN rail mount