Networked Lighting Control

    Digital Control Module - Luminaire

    LightSpot Luminaire Controllers are high-performance presence detectors with photocells for integration within luminaires and infill panels.

    MLS Digital offers a flexible, user-responsive, building-wide control solution via a network of communicating detectors. Constant monitoring of occupancy and ambient light levels enables the system to automatically deliver optimum lighting conditions while effecting energy and cost savings. These MLS Luminaire Controllers may be integrated within luminaires with all makes of high-frequency regulating ballasts to provide individual luminaires with presence detection, daylight regulation/photocell control and full communication functions. There are two types of controller: the single unit MLS2000DALI and the two-part MLSM2000DALI/A control module with DHW/S mini detector head (only the ultra-discreet detector head is visible).
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    MLSM2000A MLS Digital Luminaire Controller, 230V, 2A, 50Hz, 1.5mm square Unscreened Twisted Pair
    MLSM2002CDR Connect Digital Sensor, Integral Digital Control Module
    MSM2000DALIMK2 Control Module, DALI Ballasts