Networked Lighting Control

    Digital Sensors - PIR

    PIR sensors in this range offer high performance presence detection and contain a photocell to monitor total light levels, allowing the light output of dimmable luminaires to be adjusted to suit the natural light level available.

    Designed specifically for connection to CDW12U5, CDW12X5, CDH4U5 and CDH8U5 Lighting Control Modules (LCMs). The sensors connect to the LCM via RJ45 patch leads. Ready-made patch leads are available in lengths of 5m and 10m.

    The range of PIR sensors offer enhanced sensitivity and range: 7m Micro Detection, 10m Macro Detection. The range includes variants with tilting lenses with Mid-Bay and Hi-Bay versions for mounting at height. All the following are available in flush and surface mount versions:
    o MLS3000CDR - 360 PIR sensor with photocell
    o MLS3003CDR - 360 PIR sensor with tilting lens
    o MLS3003CDRMB - Mid-Bay 360 PIR sensor with tilting lens, for mounting heights of up to 12m
    o MLS3003CDRHB - Hi-Bay 360 PIR sensor with tilting lens, for mounting heights of up to 16m
    All contain an infrared port that can be used both for local control from a hand-held device when in service and for initial commissioning of the CDW12U5/CDH4U5/CDH8U5 Intelligent LCM system. Sensors connect to the LCM via RJ45 patch leads and all are SELV devices when properly installed and connected. 

    Features & Benefits:

    Tilting Lenses enable the precise area of sensing to be adjusted as required and extended in one direction (useful where the ideal mounting location is not available). The unique anti-tamper 'twist-2- lock' feature locks the detection area in position.
    High-Accuracy Lens Masks (included) allow highly defined detection areas. Virtual corridors can be easily created, so that passing traffic doesn't unnecessarily trigger sensors.
    Sensors offer the following innovative features:
    Absence by Day, Presence by Night: When natural light is available, Detectors will operate in absence mode – lights need to be manually switched switch and will switch off automatically when the space is vacated. During hours of darkness lights will switch both on and off automatically.
    Auto Recovery in Absence Mode: Following automatic switch off of lights, movement detected within a short pre-determined time window will cause the lights to automatically switch back on without the need to press the manual switch.
    Auto Absence Detection Mode: Following first installation, if Sensors are set to operate in Absence Mode, they will function in fully automatic (Presence) Mode, until an initial input switch event is detected.
    Advanced Occupancy Lifecycle: Individually programmable, Occupied, Transition, Background and Unoccupied Modes enable sophisticated and convenient lighting control schemes to be simply executed
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    MLS Connect Digital Remote PIR Sensors, White, - Flush Mount
    MLS Connect Digital Sensor, Tilting PIR Sensor, - Flush Mount, Tilting Mid-Bay PIR Sensor, - Flush Mount