Fire Alarm Control Panels

ESS-2Plus Fire Alarm Control Panel

The ESS-2Plus fire alarm control Panel can support an unlimited number of manual call points and a limited number of detectors by zone according to the limits of design and installation standards that are applicable.


The ESS-2Plus Fire Alarm Control Panel has been designed to manage correctly and according to, UNE-EN 54-2 and UNE-EN 54-4/A2:2006 fire alarm control systems. Some approvals, certifications and proper functioning of the system, is ensured by the use and recommendations set by the manufacturer of fire detectors, optical acoustic alarm indicators and peripheral equipment connected to this fire alarm control panel. The operational performance of the panel is microprocessor-controlled and has several configuration options, in addition to the mandatory requirements of sounder delays, zone monitoring or test mode.

The General indicators report Normal state, Alarm, Fault or Disablement. Whenever the system has an Alarm, Fault or Disablement, will light one of these LEDs. The panel back box can hold up to two 12V, 7Ah batteries. The batteries are not supplied with the panel. Refer to Specification Section for details of recommended batteries. The panel can function satisfactorily on batteries only, if required, when mains power is not available.

Features & Benefits:
  • Digital Input
  • Special Functions (UNE-EN54 non-compliant)
  • Alarm Indicators
  • Function keys and zone keys
  • UNE-EN 54-2
  • UNE-EN 54-4/A2:2006
  • EN54-14 (UNE 23007/14)


  • Brand
    • Esser


  • Brand
    • Esser
  • Brand : Esser
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