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    Features & Benefits:
    • XV amplifier has 4-channel: Green POWER-LED , Yellow malfunction LED , Green SIGNAL-LED, Red CLIP-LED
    • Efficiency higher than 80 %
    • Control and monitoring by DOM or Comprio
    • Integrated electronic protection against thermal overload and short-circuit on the output
    • AF/Control: The two AF inputs and the control input are connected to the VARIODYN® D1 DOM module via a cable
    • Mains Supply: A European low power receptacle for mains supply connection, as well as a mains fuse are located on the back surface of the amplifier. A mains cable is supplied. The power amplifier can only be operated via a three-wire system feed with a protective ground wire.
    • Complies with IEC BS EN 60268-3, 55013, 55020 norms (for 583471.03 and 583476.02)
    • Certified with EN 60849, EN 50849, EN 54-16 ( for 583476.21 and 583477.21)


    • Brand
      • Esser


    • Brand
      • Esser
    • Brand : Esser
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