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    ETH Microphone Station

    ETH microphone used as a pager or intercom thanks to the built-in speaker. Prepared for installation on a table or on a wall if mounted inside REDBOX 300. Fully supervised and equipped with articulated microphone, status LEDs


    ETH Microphone Station used as paging or intercom function thanks to the integrated loudspeaker. Prepared for table installation or wall installation if mounted inside the REDBOX 300. Fully supervised and equipped with gooseneck microphone, status LED, 6 freely configurable function keys and talk key. Equipped with 2 stereo audio inputs, 2 microphone inputs, headphone output, MIC volume adjustment trimmer, 48 VDC input and RJ-45 ports for connections to the system and the ABT-EKB-20M key extension. Option of 4.5 inch touch screen display for simple and customizable management of the functions.

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    ETH Microphone Station, Gooseneck Microphone, Status LED, Talk Button, 48V DC Input
    4.5 LCD touchscreen paging microphone cw 5 freely programmable tactile buttons & 4 x BGM audio inputs