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    Beam Detectors

    Smoke Beam Detector Addressable Notifier

    The NFXI-OSI-RIE is a Single-ended IR addressable beam smoke detector with integrated test feature for use with Notifier panels


    The NFXI-OSI-RIE is an intelligent reflector- type linear optical beam smoke detector designed to operate as a component of fire alarm systems. Reflected Beam Smoke Detectors are designed for spacious rooms, open areas, and high ceilings. With only one device to install and align, these single-ended IR video imaging beam solutions saves you time and money on large area applications.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Combined transmitter and receiver unit, range 5-100 m (16-328 ft)
    • Addressable model for panels utilizing Advanced Protocol or CLIP mode SLC Communication
    • Wide 12° field of view
    • Intuitive beam alignment indicated by directional arrows
    • Highly resistant to building movement
    • Resistant to strong light sources; does not alarm when saturated by sun
    • Resistant to large solid intruding objects
    • Automatic sensitivity threshold level setting
    • 50° horizontal and 20° vertical beam alignment
    • Built-in heater
    • Electronic simulated smoke test from ground level
    • Standby, fault and alarm LED indicators visible from the front and bottom
    • Automatic drift compensation
    • Paintable cover
    • Removable plug-in terminal blocks
    • Complies to EN54-12.
    • VdS,
    • BOSEC
    • UKCA is in wip at approval bodies and will be completed within end of Q2 2023.
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    The NFXI-OSI-RIE is an IR addressable linear video imaging smoke detector with reflector designed to be connected to Notifier Control and Signaling Equipment.