Air Quality Sensors

    VESDA Air

    Combined smoke and IAQ detection


    Smoke detection (aspiration technology) and 5 in one parameter cartridge IAQ sensor in a single box using VESDA technology

    Features & Benefits:
    • UL listed fire detection plus IAQ detection
    • Essential IAQ parameter measurement (PM1.0/2.5, CO2,TVOC, Temp, RH)
    • On-premise and Cloud supervisor support with seamless integration to BMS
    • Less occupant complaints due to cumulative sampling vs discreet -> you know problem sooner and avoid complaints
    • Savings on maintenance driven by centralized system and plug & play IAQ cartridge replacement
    • Accuracy and reliability in PM1.0 monitoring for healthy building outcomes
    • Unobtrusive – small sampling holes minimize disruption to the ceiling plane
    • Functional end-to-end supervision and control, minimizing false negatives
    • UL