Air Quality Sensors

    X-Series Carbon Monoxide Alarm

    X-Series Carbon Monoxide Alarms have been designed to meet the needs of professional landlords and high demanding private individuals. They have been optimised for use by professionals dealing with residential CO protection.


    X-Series Carbon Monoxide Alarms are interconnected wirelessly using the wireless plug-in module. Honeywell’s X-Series will comprise of a complete solution range of compatible Fire and CO alarms. They are easy to operate and use by the end-user. There activation and deactivation triggered by mounting plate. No wiring required, for a fixed wall or ceiling installation, fix the mounting plate first using plugs and screws. Then slide the alarm onto it, which automatically activates the alarm.

    Features & Benefits:
    • Separate indicators for each unit state
    • Loud sounder output
    • Big, easy to press button
    • Prominent alarm message
    • Fault hush, Alarm hush
    • Reduced sound level test
    • Maintenance Free Operation and Tamperproof
    • Comply with EN50291-1:2010
    • Comply with EN50291-2:2010
    • RoHS Certified